DMCA and Copyright

Our team collects and adds all celebrity photos from across the Internet. Our goal is to provide a better experience than searching across disparate Wordpress blogs hosting small collections of images to find exactly what you need. Our team of humans manually vets each image, adds categorization, and makes sure it's easy to find with related images.

That said, one of the most difficult things to collecting Internet images is to correctly attribute to the original author. Some photos found by our team may have been mislabeled by others or simply not attributed when it should have been. It is our intent to not violate copyright and absolutely respect 100% the original author's rights to their work.

We guarantee prompt removal of any image that you believe should not be on this site. Simply email with subject line "Removal request" and links to the images, and we will assist you in removing them. Every email to us about DMCA is guaranteed to get a real human response. We aim to be the best contributors to the web that we can, and recognize it's never fun to find your work distributed in manners you did not intend. So please just reach out!